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Upcoming Events

Children engaged in sensory play in the park, with geometry sorting in the foreground.

Location: Carroll Park

Dates: Thursday, July 11

            Thursday, July 18

            Thursday, July 25

            Thursday, August 1

            Thursday, August 8

Time: 9:30 - 10:15 AM

A toddler exploring sensory bin filled with rainbow rice and dominoes.
My two-year-old had a fantastic time in Brooklyn Play 2 Learn. He was engaged the whole time and became more fluent in counting and numeracy.  The activities are creative and new every week.  Most importantly, he had fun! 

Elizabeth, Brooklyn

About Us

Brooklyn Play 2 Learn inspires young minds through sensory play and games to instill a lifelong love of math. We create a welcoming environment for children to explore math and develop critical foundational math concepts and skills. 

What We Offer

Color sorting pom poms into a muffin tin.

A delightful and interactive class designed for curious minds aged 18 months to 3 years old. Through engaging sensory activities, our little learners will discover the magic of foundational math skills while having loads of fun! 

Three kindergarten girls exploring in a sensory bin, finding dominoes to match to numerals.

An exciting class which combines engaging games and activities and sensory play with foundational math concepts, helping children aged 4-6 years old develop their early mathematical skills

Little hands are playing with pattern blocks.

Parent Workshops

Coming soon!

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